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Thank you very much for visiting the website of the Dokdo Information System.
The seas are our future - as is reflected in ever intense 21st century international debates over marine territories and in global debates surrounding maritime boundaries, climate change and the securing of fisheries and mineral resources.
The East Sea provides us with limitless opportunities as an enormous laboratory in which we can research the characteristics of the oceans, and as an amazing source of abundant resources.
At the center of the East Sea stands Dokdo, our new source for greater marine value.

In an effort to safeguard Korean ownership over Dokdo and to ensure the sustainable future use and management of Dokdo’s many resources, for years the Dokdo Research Center has carried out studies on the characteristics of Dokdo’s marine ecosystem, its environment, resources and structure. The scientific studies carried out by our Center have led to a renewed perspective of the characteristics and value of Dokdo. Through our participation in many domestic and international academic gatherings and our efforts for wider awareness of our activities, we have also been working to ensure that Korea’s territorial sovereignty over Dokdo remains rock solid.
The Dokdo Research Center recently moved to the new premises of the Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute’s East Sea Research Institute, located in Jukbyeon-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, where sweeping views of the East Sea serve as a constant reminder that we are located at the point closest to Dokdo on the mainland. It is with renewed resolve and hopeful hearts that we take a big step further into the sea of exciting new studies on Dokdo and the East Sea.

Our sense of mission as a national research center will lead us as we listen to the voices of the Korean people in our continued efforts to safeguard Dokdo through marine science. We pledge to engage in greater efforts for collaboration between industry, academia and research organizations as we continue our march forward as the nation’s outpost for research on Dokdo.