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Establishment and Development
  • May 2005 Legislation of the Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo
  • An Act is legislated to contribute to the sustainable use of Dokdo and the surroundings seas, providing a framework for the protection of the ecosystem and the rational management and use of fisheries resources of Dokdo and its seas.
  • May 2006 Establishment of the “Framework Plan for the Sustainable Use of Dokdo”
  • A framework plan is established in order to ensure the implementation of policies that can fulfill the purpose of the Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo.
  • August 2006 Creation of the Dokdo Research Team
  • In accordance with the Act, the Dokdo Research Team is created within KIOST to carry out systematic and specialized research for the implementation of the Framework Plan.
  • August 2008 Reorganization of the Team into the Dokdo Research Center
  • The Research Team is expanded and reorganized into the ‘Dokdo Research Center’, and is relocated to the premises of the East Sea Research Institute of KIOST in Jukbyeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
Role of the Dokdo Research Center
As the only statutory national research center on Dokdo, the Dokdo Research Center provides support for national efforts to implement comprehensive scientific surveys and studies, utilize and promote results, and establish national policies on Dokdo so as to ensure the sustainable use of Dokdo and reinforce Korea’s territorial sovereignty over the island.

With our recent move to the premises of KIOST’s East Sea Research Center at Jukbyeon of Uljin-gun in Gyeongsangbuk-do, the point closest to Dokdo from the mainland, we have strengthened and expanded our team with more experts and research facilities in step with our increasing role and duty.
  • Establishment and operation of the national Dokdo Research Center
The Dokdo Research Center was established to begin operations in August 2006 as the national center for research on Dokdo, in accordance with the Act on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo.
  • Execution of comprehensive oceanographic research on the future use of Dokdo
  • From June 2006, the Center has been carrying out “Studies on the Sustainable Use of Dokdo”, one of 5 core tasks stated in the ‘Framework Plan for the Sustainable Use of Dokdo’.
  • We have collected data on the environment and ecosystem of Dokdo to ensure its sustainable future use. To this end, the Center has engaged in identifying the geomorphologic and structural characteristics of Dokdo and its seas, and in monitoring the ecosystem, seawater circulation seawater characteristics and the surrounding environment.
  • Strengthening Korea’s territorial ownership by publicizing research results
By publicizing the results of our research carried out on Dokdo and its seas, we contribute to the reinforcement of Korea’s territorial ownership over Dokdo and to the sustainable use and management of Dokdo.

(We aim to gain international recognition of names that Korea uses to indicate underwater geographical features in the seas of Dokdo and Ulleungdo and of the names, ‘Dokdo’ and ‘East Sea’.)
  • Establishment and management of a system providing comprehensive information on Dokdo
The Center provides accurate information on Dokdo based on scientific research and access to a comprehensive database.
Future Directions for the Dokdo Research Center
  • More active research with the launch of the KIOST East Sea Research Institute
  • The Center will be expanded and reorganized to allow more advanced and broader research efforts as the Center fulfils its role as the outpost for research on Dokdo.
  • A system will be established for the collection and distribution of extensive material and real-time marine data on Dokdo.
  • Practical use of research results will contribute to reinforcing Korea’s territorial ownership over Dokdo.
  • Establishment of a multi-faceted Dokdo Protection System in conjunction with neighboring research centers
  • A multi-dimensional system for research on Dokdo and the management of the island will be established in conjunction with the Gyeongbuk Oceanographic Research Complex in which KIOST’s East Sea Research Institute is located and with the Ulleungdo-Dokdo Marine Center set to open in Ulleungdo.
  • Supporting the protection of Korea’s territorial ownership over Dokdo by becoming a focal point for research on Dokdo
  • As Korea’s only statutory national research center for studies on Dokdo, the Center will gather all available information on Dokdo and manage this information in an integral manner that facilitates the use of this information. (A stronger system for the provision of comprehensive information on Dokdo will maximize the utility of information on Dokdo.)
  • Scope of future research on Dokdo
  • Survey on the four seasons in the seas of Dokdo
  • Detailed structural survey and diagnostic studies on the terrestrial and underwater areas of Dokdo
  • Integrated studies on the Dokdo-Ulleungdo-East Sea area
  • Establishment of an oceanographic observation network in the Dokdo area
  • Survey on the marine ecosystem in the seas of Dokdo
  • Various spatial and temporal observatory studies will be further developed into in-depth, specialized research on Dokdo.