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Physical Features of Dokdo

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Physical Features of Dokdo
Dokdo was created as a result of volcanic activity. Altogether, there are two larger islands (Dongdo and Seodo) and 89 smaller islets that cover an area of 187,554 ㎡.
Most facilities including the manned lighthouse reside on Dongdo, which stands at a height of 98.6 m, with a circumference of 2.8 km and an area of 73,297 ㎡.
Seodo is 168.5 high and has a circumference of 2.6 km and an area of 88,740 ㎡. Shaped like a ragged cone, Seodo brandishes very steep inclines all around.
The total combined area of all the smaller islets is 25,517 ㎡. The small strait that flows between Dongdo and Seodo is 151 m wide and about 330 m long, with a depth of less than 10 m.