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Romanization of the name
The government of the Republic of Korea is striving to spread the use of ‘Dokdo’ as the official Romanization of the island’s name. To this end, on June 28, 2005, the Task Force for Peace in Northeast Asia through the Establishment of an Accurate Understanding of History issued public notice No. 2005-3 in a government gazette on the Romanization of the island’s name. The contents are as follows:
After liberation from Japanese colonial rule
  • “Dokdo” represents the correct form of Romanization for the island’s name (refer to Ministry of Culture public announcement No.2000-8)
  • (As the ‘do’ in Dokdo indicates that this is an island, the expression “Dokdo Island” is not deemed to be appropriate.)
  • Examples of incorrect forms: Dok Island, Dok Islet, Dok Do, Dok-do, Tokdo, Tokto, Tok-do, Tok-to
Romanization of Dongdo and Seodo
  • “Dongdo” and “Seodo” represent the correct form of Romanization, where the forms “Dongdo (East Island)” and “Seodo (West Island)” are allowed when necessary.
  • Example of correct expressions: Dokdo is comprised of Dongdo and Seodo. Or “Dongdo (East Island) and Seodo (West Island)”.
  • Examples of incorrect expressions: East Island and West Island comprise Dokdo. Dokdo is comprised of East Island (Dongdo) and West Island (Seodo).
Only the singular form ‘island’ is to be used when describing Dokdo, Dongdo and Seodo. “islet” and “rock” are not to be used.
  • Examples of correct expressions: Dokdo, a beautiful island of Korea. Dokdo is comprised of Dongdo (East Island) and Seodo (West Island).
  • Examples of incorrect expressions: Dokdo, Korea’s easternmost islands.
  • Dokdo is a Korean islet.
  • Dokdo is a lonely rock.
  • Dongdo (East Islet) and Seodo (West Islet) comprise Dokdo.