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Regulations on entering Dokdo
With its designation in 1982 as Natural Monument No.336 (Named: Dokdo Natural Protection Zone), Article 33 of the Cultural Properties Protection Act restricted public access to Dokdo. This restriction was lifted in part (with a change in government policy on March 24, 2005) to allow public entry into Dongdo. Members of the public can now access this part of Dokdo upon submission of a report to the responsible authorities, and do not have to gain prior approval.
Entry procedures
General Public
Special Purpose Visits
Required documents
  • Dokdo entry application
  • list of applicants (for groups)
  • detailed plan on the purpose of the visit, description of activities and equipment for academic research visits
  • event plan for events to be held on Dokdo (to be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event)
Required documents
  • A detailed plan must be attached to the application when the purpose of the visit is to conduct academic research or to hold various events.
  • Even when an entry report has been filed with the authorities of Ulleung-gun, entry may be restricted or rescheduled according to weather conditions.
  • As entry to Dokdo is limited to 1,880 persons per day and 470 per ship, entry may not be available on your preferred day.
  • In some cases, entry to Dokdo may only be permitted as far as the Dongdo pier.
※ All other questions should be directed to the Ulleung-gun Dokdo Management Office
  • Tel: 82-54-790-6645~6646
  • Fax: 82-54-790-6649
  • Email: